Crossing the line


"Crossing the line" - mystical First-Person Shooter about a man who begins to fight with evil in order to rescue his beloved.

As a result of the terrorist attack that resulted in the death of a large number of people, at that time the wife of the head of the investigation department of the police died. After this situation, he was dismissed, and this case was closed for unknown reasons. A few years later, he started to see a lot of strange dreams, in one of which he sees the death of his wife and hears her cries for help. Realizing that no one would believe him, he decides to investigate the matter alone and save his beloved in the after world.

Gameplay features

Players will be able to overcome difficulties they face during walkthrough by moving between the worlds. It's possible to combine both of the two worlds to solve some in-game situations.

There are several possible options to do it. You can complete them carefully, you can choose the stealth path, or you can choose between two special options, which depend on player actions and indicator of "stability": you can transit youself into the dead world, where you can quickly deal with enemies (but also where you have a high chance to die) or you can "crash" two worlds into each other and unleash undead creatures. These creatures will hunt for all the living things (including our protagonist).

Transition between worlds won't be possible at any time, but it doesn't mean that players will be strictly limited by the plot. Transition ability will be active after certain player actions and decisions during gameplay. But don't overuse this ability - very frequent visits of the dead world could hurt the main character or even kill him.


Zomboko Entertainment
Zomboko Entertainment is a young independent game development studio consisting of one person - Artyom Mironov. Development on our first game "Crossing the line" has just begun and is currently set for release on PC (Windows and Linux) and the possibility of expansion into other platforms in the future.